Our Competencies

WhiteRock Medco is an Asia-based medical devices group which designs, develops, markets and distributes medical devices and disposables that address the needs of the chronic care market. We bring innovative assistive technologies and transformational medical solutions to the market to improve the daily lives of chronic disease patients. To achieve this, WhiteRock Medco directly invests in the development of relevant technologies or forms strategic partnerships with innovative firms worldwide. Our business model leverages upon WhiteRock Medco’s strengths in the following three areas.

Respiratory Technologies

WhiteRock Medco has built a solid portfolio of technologies that address sleep apnea and other chronic respiratory diseases. We develop, manufacture and market our own range of respiratory therapy devices that combines cutting edge technology, exceptional reliability and sleek designs. As a result, our devices are extremely portable and deliver superior user experience.

WhiteRock Medco continues to push boundaries in order to create better medical solutions. We are constantly putting forward well thought out R&D programmes to strengthen our robust R&D pipeline. This allows us to continually make improvements to our products as well as bring new disruptive technologies to the market. Our aim is to serve the needs of respiratory disease sufferers worldwide.

Wireless Medical Technologies

WhiteRock Medco has developed advanced wireless technologies that have been adopted in patient monitoring devices and assisted living devices. These wireless technologies can also be applied to medical alert systems for fall detection, fall prevention, patient tracking and prevention of over-dosing of medication. Our focus is on enhancing patient safety and well-being in a wide range of healthcare settings from hospitals to long-term care facilities to homes.

We are also actively researching and developing the next generation of wireless, wearable and non-contact vital signs monitoring devices that patients can use in the home environment. Such devices are invaluable in the management of chronic disease conditions including cardiac diseases, COPD, Alzheimer’s and hypertension; but more importantly, they help bring greater peace of mind to the patients and their loved-ones.

Medical Technology Distribution Platform

The success of WhiteRock Medco and its group of companies depends on our ability to access, market, sell and distribute our medical products and those of our partners throughout Asia and into the global markets. As such, we have established an Asia-centric distribution platform that focuses on transformational assistive, mobility, wireless and homecare technologies. The platform comprises of companies within the group, with strong marketing and distribution channels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. In these key markets, our distribution network enables the medical technology companies within the WhiteRock Medco group, as well as our external partners, to access the fast growing healthcare markets in the region, reaching out to healthcare institutions right down to the individual user at home.

In countries where we currently do not have a direct presence, WhiteRock Medco works closely with carefully-selected strategic partners, tapping upon their local distribution networks in these countries. WhiteRock Medco will continue to grow the reach and capabilities of our distribution network in the region. This can be achieved through various approaches, such as expanding existing distribution operations, deepening our relationships with regional partners or acquiring other suitable distribution companies.

Our distribution platform focuses on transformational assistive, mobility, wireless and homecare technologies.