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Cadi Scientific: Foolproof method to avert baby mix-ups

KUALA LUMPUR: In what may be a first in the country, a private hospital here is using a radio frequency tagging system to prevent infant abductions and baby mix-ups in its wards.

Babies born at the Prince Court medical Centre will wear electronic anklets and the mothers will get a matching wristband.

The hospital’s business development and corporate affairs director, Dr Junaidi Ismail, said the system would keep mothers close to their infants and an alarm would be triggered if a nurse accidentally handed over a baby to a wrong mother.

Soo Fang Ooi 32, of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, who delivered her second baby at PCMC, said she was impressed witht he security measures for mothers and newborns.

“I don’t have to worry about baby mix-ups or my newborn being abducted. I feel all hosptials should have this infant protection system so that mothers need not wory.”

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