Cadi Scientific Pte Ltd

Cadi Scientific is a Singapore-based healthcare technology company, developing wireless sensing and tracking devices for the healthcare sector. We harness the latest technology advancements to create innovative solutions, targeting healthcare institutions, as well as robust and easy-to-use home healthcare products, such as digital thermometers and blood pressure meters.

Cadi Scientific’s flagship product is the award-winning SmartSenseTM wireless sensing and tracking system, which is designed for the healthcare setting. Utilising radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the system allows healthcare institutions to enhance patient care, reduce nurses’ workload and improve operational efficiency. Its applications include wireless temperature and vital signs monitoring on digitised clinical charts, patient tracking for optimising patient flow and real-time asset tracking to optimise utilisation of assets. SmartSenseTM has already been deployed at 24 sites in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Brunei, including some of Asia’s largest hospitals and healthcare institutions, benefiting over 600,000 patients who have used the system.