Medisolution, a subsidiary of BMEC, is a specialist company focusing on disaster reconstruction projects. We provide a comprehensive range of services from survey and design to project planning, execution and post-project management. These services can be bundled in customised packages to fit the requirements of our clients. For instance, our Medical Equipment Package for Healthcare Facilities caters to the needs of clients requiring the rapid set up of medical healthcare facilities in a post-disaster setting. The package encompasses facility design, sourcing and delivery of equipment, installation and commissioning of equipment, training, and maintenance, ensuring that the client is able to start operating the facility in the shortest time.

Medisolution has many years of experience working with governmental and non-governmental organisations in major disaster reconstruction projects worldwide. One of our landmark projects is the construction of residential, medical and waterworks infrastructure for an entire village in Aceh Besar, Indonesia in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Another project involved designing, building and equipping a 60-bed hospital in the Gari Habibullah region of Pakistan, after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. As we are keenly attuned to the exacting demands of such projects, we have over the years established a strong track record for delivering the desired outcome on time and on target.